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Publié par La Philosophie

Ensemble de lettres recueillies entre le 5 février et le 3 mars 2022 de notre correspondante de Novosibirsk (Sibérie). Les lettres sont mises dans l'ordre inverse de leur arrivée.

RUSSIE / Témoignage de l'intérieur à Novosibirsk

I wanted to say good good day to you, but all these are not at all good! And your day is good? But dear Anthony, I believe in the best! Although I am from Russia, my relatives and grandmother are in Ukraine! And about their cities, we can only learn about the news! Everything is fine with them, they are in places where there were no attacks at all! But I am now looking for a way to financially help them and other Ukrainians in trouble! I know that Georgia and Belarus have collected a lot of help for the Ukrainians, but their government simply forbade making them and taking something out of the country!!!! This makes me very angry!

And so I'm looking for a way how I can transfer help to them! I would even make a point where everyone could collect everything they needed and could find drivers! But no one can simply convey it! And there are a lot of people in my city who want to help!!! Dear Anthony, do you know how to do this? I can't just do nothing!

Dear Anthony I planned to buy groceries today, but they disappeared! Can you imagine that? Has this ever happened in your city? I took the last kilo of flour! I took what I could, but it's over, I'll go to other stores! But the men almost got into a fight in the store through the sausage! Can you imagine how aggressive is now! I was very scared and took what I could and just paid for all and left the store!
I run to home and firmly held the bag! After all, there was a feeling that someday he would simply steal my products! And I think it will be soon!
The Russian economy is destroyed! But the Russians can't believe it! They trust Putin! But I hope that soon everyone will open their eyes! But I'm glad that more people come out to rallies! Only by uniting together we can overcome difficulty! 

Dear Anthony now horror is happening in Russia! Did you know about it? We have very long queues, products just disappear from the shelves! Everyone fears for their future! And all this was the reason that people finally came out to protest against the war!!!!!
I believe that if we all come together we can resist the government! But many were afraid of it! But when they saw that horror was happening in Ukrina and the Russians began to suffer, the people also began to rise and not be silent!
Today I had to buy allergy pills for my daughter! They are from Germany! And I did not find it and will not be in pharmacies because there are no air channels with other countries! And everyone simply refused to give food, things and medicines to our country! I'm so sorry that my child has to suffer because there are crazy people in the government.
I hope I can find a drug substitute to help my daughter!

Dear Anthony there are no products on the shelves! And it's terrible! Can you imagine what's going on in the store? I saw this only before quarantine when there was covid! And now everyone just forgot about the coronovirus with this situation! Are you still worried about the virus?
Honestly, I have more thoughts about other people than about me!
I definitely need to relax in the bathroom today and just spend more time with the child!
Dear Anthony, today I bought more food and I think the same tomorrow and of course buy medicines! Rumor has it that soon there will be nothing in stores! How will people understand that it is already necessary to act and not swallow resentment and remain silent?
I even, a mother with a child, was at a rally in my city!
But all the people must come together! And then we would be able to fix everything! But of course no one will forget what the Russian government has done! What do you think, what awaits Russia?

I'm terrible and I'm very worried about my father! He learned that it is very dangerous in his mother's city now and people should just sit in shelters and hope for a miracle! But I believe in the good! With all my heart I wish that Russia left the lands of Ukraine! My people will never be able to be clean after such a mess! I am very ashamed of this! I hope you don't think badly of me because I'm from Russia! There are different people in every country! And I am against everything that my government does! I don't even want to call this country "mine". I feel very alien here! Even some of my friends do not support my opinion and believe Russian television! That's horrible! I can't believe the people who ate my food and slept in my apartment when I helped them think that way.

Dear Anthony, would you go to the rally so that there would be no war? I can't do it, but now many of my acquaintances are late at night at rallies in my city against war and aggression! And I'm glad that many conscious people live in my city!
I am not strong in politics and I do not understand international conflicts at all. But one thing I know for sure! I am for PEACE! and sincerely believe that any conflict can be resolved without destruction!
Life is the greatest gift, and it does not matter to whom it belongs: to a person in civilian clothes or in military uniform.
I don't watch the news and I don't trust the media for a long time. I believe my eyes. I believe my relatives from Ukraine.
There, military sirens are howling, Russian planes are flying by and shots are heard. These are ruthless, precise, deadly sounds. I am ashamed to call these planes "ours". In front of you, your relatives from Ukraine and around the world.
It hurts me when I see the horror in the eyes of people who just yesterday lived a normal life, and today they are forced to hide in the dungeon or flee the cities.
Russia and Ukraine... We can't possibly be enemies.
We are neighbors, friends, family. After all, we are just people who don't want war. People who are for peace and a clear sky above their heads.

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