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Publié par Anthony

UKRAINE / Témoignage du 24 au 26 février
"Dear Anthony, would you go to the rally so that there would be no war? I can't do it, but now many of my acquaintances are late at night at rallies in my city against war and aggression! And I'm glad that many conscious people live in my city!
I am not strong in politics and I do not understand international conflicts at all. But one thing I know for sure! I am for PEACE! and sincerely believe that any conflict can be resolved without destruction!
Life is the greatest gift, and it does not matter to whom it belongs: to a person in civilian clothes or in military uniform.
I don't watch the news and I don't trust the media for a long time. I believe my eyes. I believe my relatives from Ukraine.
There, military sirens are howling, Russian planes are flying by and shots are heard. These are ruthless, precise, deadly sounds. I am ashamed to call these planes "ours". In front of you, your relatives from Ukraine and around the world.
It hurts me when I see the horror in the eyes of people who just yesterday lived a normal life, and today they are forced to hide in the dungeon or flee the cities.
Russia and Ukraine... We can't possibly be enemies.
We are neighbors, friends, family. After all, we are just people who don't want war. People who are for peace and a clear sky above their heads."
Y from Novossibirsk, father alone that is why he don(t go out.
"Anthony,you can notice that there are soldiers on our streets and you can see how our city was attacked!!!
it is not fake..and all this is reality..Don’t believe if they say something like it is Russia who «secures citizens» as they lie!!
They attack us…"
D from Dniepropetrovsk (you see I write all the name in Russian when Locals use it, Russian speaking doesn't mean Russian that's why there is no genocide there, no nazi too, pravy sektor is busy  at the east border, But Wagner group are also Russian Neo-nazis at the base, just make search on their leaders). I. have sent me this video; joined.
Other testimony but I don't know if all is real because it is the first time I receive obe from this person and their a problem in the localisation
"When will the United States intervene in the process of liberating Ukraine? When will they make it so that peaceful citizens can safely live on? Do you really like Putin's aggression? Do you support what is happening now? Do you care what happens to the children and the elderly of Ukraine? How can you treat another people like that? I am completely against Russia for them attacking Ukraine and have just returned from a rally. Tomorrow I will go to the rally again. And what have you done to make Ukraine free? At least every day I try to help with something. Today I helped the Ukrainian troops with money in the amount of $10,000 and was at a rally in support of Ukraine. How did you influence the freedom of Ukraine? People are dying every day on both sides. Only here in Russia the civilian population does not die. The children of Russia did not hear the explosions, do you understand? How long will it last? When are you going to do at least something for Ukraine's freedom to return? You understand that any action is already an action and I ask you to know that Russian girls also consider it complete nonsense and want justice in the world and it was all done exclusively by negotiations. Are you ready to do something not for yourself, but for people who want to live?"
M. from Sankt-Petersburg (I put German orthography, a thought for Yuliya B.) but I think that M. is from Kiev or not far. I received this testimony on vk. The amount of money is strange.
"I don't like today's news... I understand those people in Ukraine, terrible things happened in our country just a month ago! But what can I do? I can only hope that everything will end quickly and civilians will not suffer too much... What will happen in the world after today?"
F. from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
"Anthony I was deprived of my entertainment...I was upset!!!
You know, I always clicked my phone at work in my free time and just watched various videos and stories on the Internet, but I was deprived of it!!!
I'm already tired of seeing the same stories related to war and conflict!!!I want peace!!!
But today it has crossed all boundaries, I have rallies in Moscow!!!People of different ages have come to the square and are trying to achieve something....how stupid they are, don't they understand that this threatens danger and the law for them!
People are like a herd, they don't understand why they are doing this, but they still go to the square!!!I'm terrified!
What are they trying to achieve???
Is it really all paid for by someone again?'"
E. from Moscow.

"Hello, Anthony, scary time. I just want to say that it's terribly hard to accept and believe that it's true. My father is in Kiev. I don't know what will happen and whether I will be able to contact him soon. Just take care of yourself and your loved ones. "

K from Miami

Is your house still intact? Putin and his Putinoyds just said that after Ukraine they will take over America, is this false or real information?  What is Biden doing now to make sure there is no war in America? Do you trust this president? Anthony, why has he abandoned us? He promised to help the Ukrainian PEACE people, after all! Why did he leave us under these bombs? Doesn't the whole world care about the peaceful people in Ukraine? Anthony, we have children, can't anyone protect us? I have made up my mind! I want to take as many people as possible to different countries. I am collecting all my friends and all the children whose parents can entrust their children to me. Is there a center in your country where I can put them for the first time? Anthony, people are trying to leave the country en masse now, but nothing works, Russian soldiers are standing at the borders and waiting for women and men to take them prisoner. Anthony, is Biden not ready to accept refugee women and children? Anthony, are you ready to do something to make peace?

K from Kiev 

Hello Anthony, do you want to hear what is happening in Russia now, in particular in Moscow? Or are you already tired of political squabbles and news about a terrible war? Just lately, all I’ve been doing is worrying about events, I don’t understand how other people can just calmly go to the cinema, walk outside with ice creams happy, eat in restaurants and rest on beach, when a war is going on our planet.


 I heard that some oil plant was blown up in Ukraine, but I don’t know the details, because our media doesn’t show this. It's so scary! Ecological catastrophe is just around the corner! The whole world can suffer! I still remember what my father told me how he went to help evacuate people in the past, from Chernobyl, what a terrible accident it was. 


And now military actions are taking place there too, the Russians, our fellow citizens, have completely lost their minds, where are they shooting at? Don't they understand that if there is a catastrophe, then their families, and themselves will also suffer??? This is some kind of horror. This war is already something more than just a struggle for territory. This is already a threat to the ecology of the whole world! How can this be stopped dear?


 I'm so worried about the air, about our planet. These soldiers do not understand what they are doing, they follow orders like dogs. Have you heard anything about military actions near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine? And about the oil plant that was blown up? I'm very worried

Ekaterina from Moscow

Foreign sanctions are terribly hitting our Russians, Ukrainian music is playing on our Russian television - world hackers are working to help Ukraine too. Our simple people are not guilty at all, and we are trying to do everything to help the Ukrainian people, everything whats in my power - I also do.

The fact that our president has gone CRAZY and needs a doctor is one thing. But we do not want war at all, and we are helping diligently. Hope you understand this Anthony ? I just want you know that I am not an aggressor, I am not a bloodthirsty Russian lady. No. I am for peace, I help the Ukrainian army, I go out to the Moscow streets to protest our Russian authorities. I hope that you support my choice to be against the government of my country, and do not think bad of me?
 from Moscow

Hi dear Anthony. How are you? I have had tears in my eyes for the fourth day already. I almost do not sleep. I have many relatives and friends in Ukraine. We block all news. I get information from them. they won't lie to me and there is really horror. Today I was informed that Putin has accepted the order to transfer the Russian deterrence forces to a special mode of combat duty. I am against it all.! what does this mean? a friend said it was about a nuclear weapon. you do not know? it's me turf weapons? I get scared. what will happen next?

L. from Moscow

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