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Publié par Anthony

Analyse de notre correspondant de Kaliningrad

UKRAINE / Analyse de notre correspondant de Kaliningrad

Hi Anthony! I want to share my thoughts with you. I should say right away that my reflections are based on the analysis of the information that I have, and it is not much, on communication with experts and on guesses. So this is not my classic analytics, which is based solely on accurate data, but just a reflection. To begin with, operations such as the invasion of Ukraine are prepared very long and thoroughly. So the preparations have been going on for at least a year. Did your news channels accidentally show the seized documents of the commanders of the Russian battalions that were destroyed on Ukrainian territory today? The date of the offensive and the plan was dated 15.02.2022.

Now add to this the fact that a huge team of analysts, experts, military and special services worked. We must not forget that a huge number of spies were integrated into different echelons of power and provided the enemy with information all this time. And besides, through them went the sabotage of the military directions, which are particularly painful for the Kremlin. And still, Putin is losing this war. Not a single battle. But exactly the war. Both on the battlefield and in the information field. Check it out!

Last night (1éd march) near the village of Bashtanka, an anti-aircraft force crushed a convoy of more than 200 vehicles. The remaining occupants took up a circular defense. They were then covered. There were no survivors. I communicated with a direct participant of the events and he said that it was like a shooting gallery. Moreover, the column was moved to a pre-shot position. And that speaks volumes. This means that the Ukrainian military was not just waiting for the occupants and had information about them, but was leading them like a herd to the slaughter.

Before that, there was an attempted landing at the port of Odessa. Several dozen Russian paratroopers were thrown... into the icy water. And of course they drowned. This was quietly watched by Ukrainian fighters, who did not fire a single shot. The temperature of the water did everything. And those who sent the paratroopers to their certain death.

Now about the destruction of Kadyrov's detachment and Chechen general Magomed Tushayev, the head of the 141st motorized regiment of the Kadyrov Guard. The Ukrainian military received information about their plans, route and numbers from a direct leak of information from the Russian FSB. And this is not a Ukrainian mole. It's better than that. This is our internal Russian showdown. And Ukraine checked the information and having received confirmation of all the data, used the information to inflict damage and eliminate as many occupants as possible. And it worked.

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