Publié par Anthony Le Cazals

Foucault and Deleuze, in the Department of Philosophy of Paris 8, had already anticipated the thought of the Outside and Overfold. The first one, as a negative theology, and the second as as the double helix of the genome and the potential of silicon. In our own, we demonstrate thought that this convergence is déclinable under the springs classic manifesto of the Treaty and the program. If an epoch is a time slice where the dominant proceedings own a family resemblance, we are during an epoch of conjectures where procedures of the old classical era and those of the new quantum era coexist. We simply indicate the failover from the classical era to era quantum : the digital revolution shakes all the institutions of the twenty-first century, based on the quantum revolution of the twentieth century. This marks the transition from a quest for symbolic coherence to the convergence of metabolism, implying a paradigm shift. Many books and research that state for a given parameter of this paradigm shift. If the ancient Hebrews, since the exodus by Babylon, have the One as infinite, the immanent and classical paradigm is limited infinite : we think the standard procedures of differential calculus at the base of algorithmic programming of our computers. This is the infinitesimal with Leibniz and Serres, the almost nothing with Jankélévitch, the differential with Derrida-Deleuze-Lyotard, the difference with Desanti, the infra-thin with Duchamp, etc.. Now comes the finished-unlimited as the quantum and convergent paradigm of the without board of Einstein or finished-unlimited of Deleuze, other name for the eternal return of Nietzsche.

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